SAND COMPACTION measurements

Testing of the quality of compaction of the embanked soil (sand) with a manual dynamic penetrometer (probe) DPL-5. This is a simple, fast and relatively inexpensive method that allows you to control the degree of compaction of the embanked  soil. In case shallow foundation is provided for the building/structure, which is based on embanked  soil, which the builder must compact to a certain degree, these compaction control tests are very important. The stability of a building/structure will directly depend on the quality of the compacted soil at its base.

Penetrometer’s technical indicators:

Cone diameter, mm                              25

Angle at cone peak, degrees               90

Probe height, mm                                200

Probe rod diameter, mm                      25

Probe rod length, mm                          1000

Dynamic impulse energy, J                  48

At the beginning of the work, the penetrometer is set to vertical position in the inspection point. The probe nozzle is driven into the soil down to 20 cm so that it locks itself in the soil, for this reason the upper 20 cm of the embankment are not taken into account. After installing the penetrometer in a vertical position (the head of the cone is driven into the soil, reference point – 0 cm), its driving into the soil is commenced with the energy generated by the 10 kg weight freely falling from the height of 50 cm. The number of blows, at which the penetrometer is driven into the soil every 10 cm, is recorded.