At individual objects (as a rule – when designing socially important buildings; buildings in complicated natural conditions; buildings in direct contact with existing buildings), the customer may request geotechnical supervision during the "zero cycle" construction of the building.

SIA “Ģeo Eksperts” offers to execute geotechnical supervision at the object in accordance with the pre-prepared work program agreed with the client.

Geotechnical supervision involves both the evaluation of the actual materials of the construction design and the regular visits of the specialist geotechnician to the construction object. During construction object visits, the specialist carries out both visual assessment of the situation, analysis of the construction works log (if necessary) and the execution of individual control tests, if that is provided for by the monitoring program.

Upon completion of the geotechnical supervision at the object, an overview or report on the results of monitoring, as well as the performed control tests, is prepared.