To ensure performance of various quality control tests of construction works, SIA "Ģeo Eksperts" has the following equipment:

Penetrometer "DPL-5"

Manual dynamic probe a.k.a. penetrometer "DPL-5" is intended both for determining the degree of compaction of the embanked soils (coefficient), and for performing dynamic probing in soil down to a depth of about 8 m.

Light Weight Deflectometer HMP LFG

The light weight deflectometer LFG4, a.k.a. the dynamic plate, shows the layer compaction of embanked  crushed stone, sand, grit, or load-bearing capacity down to a depth of approximately 60 cm. There is no need for long-term data post-processing at the office – the results are determined at the object on site.

SIT+ for Pile Testing

Equipment for checking the integrity of different types of piles (mainly the cast-in-situ piles) using the sonic method. An express method, which is intended for quick and relatively efficient pile installation quality control at the object.