SIA "Ģeo Eksperts" was founded at the end of summer 2016. Earlier the company's leading specialists represented, as the Geotechnical Department of that company, one of the largest construction companies in Latvia. When the company's strategic and development plans had changed, it decided to withdraw from provision of geological services. Taking this into account, the company SIA "Ģeo Eksperts" was founded, which included the full staff of the Geotechnical Department. The newly-established company "inherited" the archives of geological data accumulated over the past years, as well as bought out all the machinery and equipment necessary for work. 

Although the company is still considered a young one, it combines a team with 10 or more years of experience in the field of geotechnics. SIA "Ģeo Eksperts" can refer to experience and skills in the execution of large, significant and geotechnically complicated objects as its strongest side. We are not afraid of carrying out investigation works on water or in water area (bridge supports, berths, dredging works etc.). Taking into account the works completed in the water area, it can be affirmed that we are among the strongest in Latvia in the field of such specific investigation works.

Although our experience and technical support allow us to implement large and significant objects, we are also keen to complete smaller orders. For this reason, a customer interested in investigation for the needs of their private house can also safely contact us!

By ordering investigation works from SIA “Ģeo Eksperts”, you will receive services provided by certified geotechnicians, quality of works that you will not need to reprocess, as well as professional communication that will allow you to perfect the work task, choose the correct volume of investigation and applicable methods.

It is worth remembering that the stability and longevity of a building is influenced by how well you have chosen the solution and type of the foundation.

Interaction between foundations and soils – that is geotechnics!

In turn, geotechnics – that is SIA “Ģeo Eksperts”!